How to search

Don’t know how to search on Twythm? Try this:

First, just try the name of the song. It’s usually right. If not, then you can click the “Next song” link at the bottom right of the page.

If that doesn’t work, then you can search like “song name by artist.” 

Hope that helps!

New Changes

It’s been a crazy year for us!
We’ve redone so many things and vastly improved Twythm. Here’s an overview of what we’ve done


We’ve made it super easy to search and share a song. With a nice big search bar on top, you can search for a song wherever you are. It’s also easier than ever to share a song through twitter, Facebook, tumblr or reddit.

Twythm links

When you share a song, your post will have a link. Looks like
When one of your followers visits that link, they will have the option to listen to it (for free!), buy it, get it on spotify, or share it.

iPhone app

There’s a super cool iPhone app on they way. It’s been submitted for approval. We’ll let you know when you can get it (for free!)


Yet another new look!

We’ve rolled out an entirely new look for the Twythm homepage. This will make it easier to just search and share music. Like this? Tell us! Send us an email at Email

Or follow us!


Twitter is making changes to their API which will affect Twythm, but we’ll hang in there. We’re working on workarounds to the new API changes and, while there won’t be any major changes, we will have to alter certain things


Twythm Links

We’ve made our largest feature yet live. Instead you will get a Twythm link, containing highly shareable content, all about your song. For example if I search The Day That Never Comes by Metallica, I get this:

Check it out.


The New Twythm

Wow. In the few months we’ve been around and haven’t launched, we rolled out a ton of new features. In the past few days we’ve improved your listening experiencer by being able to listen to the song from Twythm. And we’ve released something big.

User Pages

  Everyone has one. For example, if someone were to view our Twythm profile, they would visit . . You can reach that in your dashboard, once you’ve connected with Twitter. We’ve also released User Search, to search for users. Found at . If my personal username was “digi_ben” (It is), I could type in “digi_ben” and I would get a link to my profile.  We will be adding more to this feature.

Note: If it seems blank, they haven’t used Twythm. You sure can invite them to though!

On Page Listening

On Twythm you used to get a link to the song, now not only do you get that, you also get some neat controls to play and pause the song without ever leaving Twythm. Cool, huh?